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Product Name: MT-SORB MIN-DRI
Product category: Quick drying disinfectant
Upload time: 2010-3-19
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MT-SORBTM Min-Dri is designed to improve the general health and comfort of animals by providing a drier and more sanitary environment. Animal comfort has been shown to significantly increase production because of stress reduction. It also has the major benefit of being related to fewer diseases in animals and potential problems with animal health issues in meat product distribution. Min-Dri is a unique blend of 9 natural minerals along with minor ingredients to aid in sanitizing and odor control. The formulation is based on mineral ingredients that MinTech provides around the world for a U.S. Fortune 500 Cosmetics Company. Min-Dri is very efficient at absorbing and retaining moisture along with a variety of bacteria, fungi, and mycotoxins. Min-Dri may be either added to the animal’s environment (pen, stall, house, or barn) as a general treatment or may be used as a “body powder” and rubbed directly on the animal to make it more comfortable. Min-Dri has the following features:
It is very efficient at absorbing moisture.
It contains minerals that have the ability to reduce or eliminate the growth and spread of some pathogens, larvae, parasites, etc.
It contains the mineral components with high aspect ratio and good flow properties, making it feel very smooth when applied to animals as a “body powder.” That makes it very comforting to the animals.

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