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Product Name: MT-BOND
Product category: Mycotoxin adsorbent
Upload time: 2010-3-18
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MT-BOND® is a naturally occurring rare mixture of palygorskite and smectite etc that has a combination of unique features:
It is a truly pure, natural mineral product and does not contain any chemical, biological or other additives;
Effective on various mycotoxin binding;
Applicable in any animal feeds;
Good moisture absorption;
Extremely low dioxin level—below the levels of EU or US standard requirements;
Multiple benefits in one application – binding mycotoxins, improving pellet durability.
Both in-vitro laboratory and in-vivo studies prove that MT-BOND® is very effective in removing various mycotoxins and has an adsorption as high as 99.4% for aflatoxin B1, it also has little adsorption of nutrients. MT-BOND® outperforms US brand products in the tests performed.
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